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Funeral Caskets On Sale

Ordering a funeral casket can be a difficult and time-consuming process for most people. As well as dealing with loss of a loved one, you also have to arrange many other things such as the funeral itself. In all of this the funeral casket is probably one of the things you haven’t had time to think about. Many people will request help from their funeral home or other friends and family when choosing the correct funeral casket. However, you can now quickly and easily find assistance online.

What is a funeral casket

A funeral casket is a rectangle shaped box in which a deceased person can be buried. Whereas coffins are traditionally used for burials in the UK, caskets are becoming more popular. Funeral caskets come in a variety of types including full couch caskets, over sized caskets, metal caskets and wooden caskets. The main reason for choosing a funeral casket over a coffin is superior build quality and more space internally due to them not being tapered off at one end.

Choosing the right casket

Choosing a casket depends on a variety of factors such as cost, design and the preferences of the deceased’s family. In general, caskets are larger than coffins and so give a more spacious presentation. If you plan on having an open casket burial (as is the custom in some cultures) then you may opt for a casket or even a full couch casket.

On the other hand you may also want to consider the material and ornamentations of the casket itself. Wooden caskets look more traditional and closer in design to coffins. However, they usually feature high gloss finishes and velvet interiors which are very fitting when burying a loved one. Metal caskets by their very nature are heavier, sturdier and more modern in appearance. Having said that wooden caskets can seem to be more befitting the older generation. Many caskets also have handles and rails to help in their movement or if they need to be carried.

How much do funeral caskets cost

The cost of a funeral casket in the UK varies with prices ranging from £1200 upwards. The price of a casket depends on material, size and design. Metal caskets typically cost cheaper than wooden caskets which can go up to the £3000 price point. It is always wise to shop around if you are looking to buy a casket as prices vary with different companies in the UK. The Casket Cooperation offer some of the most affordable options when looking to order a funeral casket.

Children’s caskets usually start from just over £1000 and over-sized caskets can range from £1300-£2500. Full couch caskets, which fully open to reveal the entire body, can end up costing a lot more. Bronze or Silver full couch caskets can cost upwards of £7000.

Ordering a casket online

If you are looking to order a funeral casket online then you may have many questions. The first step is to find a reputable company. The Casket Cooperation, based in London, are a family run company who have extensive experience in helping families with caskets or funeral flowers. We understand that at this time you need someone who can give your loved one the dignity and respect they deserve. You can safely and quickly order through our website and we are happy to deliver to your specified location. Please call today or browse or our online brochure.