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The Casket Flowers Guide

No one is ever truly prepared for loss, so we have put together a useful casket flowers guide to assist you in this aspect of the funeral arrangements. In times of grief and loss, flowers offer a poignant expression of sympathy and solace. Casket flowers, in particular, play a significant role in honouring and remembering the departed. These arrangements not only provide a comforting aesthetic but can also convey deep emotions and sentiments. In this guide, we will explore the various types of flowers used in casket arrangements, their symbolic meanings and essential tips when organising these floral tributes.

Symbolic Meanings Behind Casket Flowers

Roses: A Symbol of Love and Respect

Roses, with their timeless beauty, are a classic choice for funeral casket arrangements. Red roses symbolise love and respect, making them a fitting tribute to the departed. White roses represent purity and innocence, while pink roses signify admiration and gratitude. Mixing different coloured roses can create a nuanced expression of emotions and provide a fitting tribute to your departed loved one.

Lilies: Symbolising the Restored Soul

Their elegant and serene appearance makes them a popular choice for funeral arrangements. White lilies, in particular, symbolise the restored innocence of the soul, offering a comforting presence during a time of mourning.

Carnations: Expressing Love and Remembrance

Carnations are versatile flowers that come in various colours, each carrying its own meaning. Red carnations convey deep love, white carnations symbolise pure love and innocence and pink carnations express remembrance. 

Chrysanthemums: Honouring a Life Well-Lived

Chrysanthemums, often associated with death and the afterlife, are a common choice for funeral arrangements. In many cultures, they symbolise honour and a life well-lived. Incorporating chrysanthemums into the casket display pays homage to the legacy of the departed.

Orchids: Symbol of Eternal Love and Beauty

Orchids are exotic and elegant, representing eternal love, beauty, and strength. Their unique appearance adds a touch of sophistication to funeral casket arrangements. Orchids can be chosen in various colours, with each hue conveying different sentiments.

Shapes of Casket Flowers

Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are one of the most prominent and traditional funeral flower arrangements. They are designed to drape over the casket and come in various sizes. Full casket sprays cover the entire length of the casket, while half-casket sprays cover only a portion.


Wreaths are circular arrangements that symbolise eternity. Wreaths come in different sizes, and their circular shape represents the continuity of life.

Cross Arrangements

These can be designed as standing sprays or smaller arrangements to be placed on or near the casket. Crosses are particularly meaningful for religious services and can be crafted with a variety of flowers to convey specific sentiments.

Heart-Shaped Arrangements

Heart-shaped arrangements are a poignant expression of love and affection. These arrangements are often chosen by close family members or significant others honouring the love shared with the departed.

Standing Sprays

Standing sprays, also known as easel arrangements, are designed to stand on an easel for display. They come in various shapes and sizes and are often placed near the casket during the funeral service. 

Pillow or Cushion Arrangements

Pillow or cushion-shaped arrangements symbolise rest and peace. They are often chosen to convey a sense of comfort and tranquillity.

Tips on Ordering Casket Flowers

Consider the Deceased’s Preferences

If the departed had a favourite flower or colour, incorporating it into the arrangement can be a meaningful way to personalise the tribute.

Coordinate with the Funeral Home

Work closely with the funeral home or florist to ensure that the flower arrangement complements the casket and the overall funeral decor.

Incorporate Meaningful Symbols

Beyond specific flowers, consider including symbolic elements such as crosses, angels or ornamental trinkets to enhance the overall meaning of the arrangement. Adding the departed’s favourite things into the arrangements, such as an ode to a sports club, offers that personal touch.

Choose Appropriate Size and Style

The size and style of the casket arrangement should be proportionate to the casket and the overall funeral setting. Larger arrangements are often suitable for closed caskets, while smaller ones may be more appropriate for open caskets.

Funeral casket flower arrangements are a powerful means of expressing condolences, love and respect for the departed. By understanding the meanings behind different flowers and incorporating personal touches, these arrangements become a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived. In times of sorrow, the language of flowers speaks volumes, offering solace and comfort to grieving hearts.

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