Funeral Caskets UK

Funeral Caskets in the UK

If you are considering purchasing a funeral casket in the UK then you may need some advice on how to choose the right casket for your needs.

At The Casket Cooperation we sell quality made funeral caskets and provide advice on buying the right funeral casket.

This can be quite a confusing time for many families, so our professional team aim to help you where we can.

Simply call or email us if you are thinking of buying a casket for your loved ones funeral.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

Both coffins and caskets are used to bury the deceased, however the main difference is in their shapes.

Coffins are long and rectangular but are tapered at the end.

Caskets on the other hand are larger and rectangular and do not shrink at the end.

Caskets also tend to be made of higher quality materials (such as poplar wood or metal) compared to standard coffins.

Many caskets feature very high-calibre interiors which are certainly a step up from more basic coffins.

Should I choose a coffin or a casket?

This is a question based on your own preference, however caskets are larger and therefore considered to be more premium than ordinary coffins.

If you want to give your loved one a more fitting funeral then a casket may be better suited for you.

Another important difference with caskets is you can have full couch or half couch, meaning they open fully or just the top half.

American style of caskets are most popular and these are the ones you will find in our online shop.

How much does a casket cost in the UK?

The price of most funeral caskets in the UK ranges from £1500-£2500.

The cost is mostly based on the material of the casket – what type of wood or metal – and also the kind of ornamental features and handles used.

Although more expensive than traditional coffins, caskets offer a superior burial option for your deceased family member.

Caskets can be more visually ornate than coffins, and metal caskets especially give a stronger statement.

Different features of funeral Caskets

The general things you will want to think about when choosing a funeral casket in the UK is:

This can be wood or metal. Whereas metal is obviously more sturdy and heavier, wood gives a very traditional and serene look.

The majority of our caskets are high gloss meaning they have a premium finish on the outsides.

The outside of your casket can come in a variety of shades such as white, black or wood effect.

You would also want to check the interior colour of your casket – the majority of ours are white velvet.

The handles on the casket can be used to hold the casket but also to give it an aesthetic look.

The colour and material of the handles can make your casket look more eye-catching than plainer options, if that’s what you want.

This is probably the most important thing and will depend on the body of the deceased.

Since caskets are fully rectangular they can be better suited to heavier framed people.

They are also suitable for smaller people since they give the impression of more space and thus the body is less cramped.

Full couch
Full couch caskets are ones where the ‘door’ opens fully thus revealing the entire body rather than the top half.

Choosing full couch or half couch may depend on the size of the deceased and also whether you want to have an open casket funeral or not.

Ordering a Funeral Casket in the UK

If you are thinking of whether to choose a funeral casket for your loved ones funeral please call us and we can discuss the options for you.