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Casket Sprays – Everything You Need to Know

Caskets sprays are becoming a more common feature of funerals in the UK, especially those with funeral caskets. If you are unsure of what a casket spray actually is, this quick guide will update you.

What are Casket Sprays?

When you visit someone or hear about their loss, the best way to be there for them is to bring a token as a symbol of sympathy. That is what the casket sprays are for. 

A casket spray is basically a simple bouquet. There is only one exception here: when given to someone mourning over a loss, this bouquet becomes known as a casket spray. 

The immediate family members like parents, siblings, children or a spouse usually give them. Casket sprays generally go on top of the casket or coffin to show respect to the deceased person. 

There are many different casket spray combinations for full length or half of the coffin.

Types of Funeral Casket Sprays

The two main collections of casket sprays are full-couch and half-couch. Your funeral directors will guide you on the type of casket spray you need. 

If the casket is open, it is usually adorned with a half-couch casket spray. The casket spray is placed on the middle to the bottom half of the casket. 

The funeral director will opt to place a full-couch coffin spray if it is a closed casket funeral.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are usually made from fresh flowers, which is why they are also known as floral tributes to the deceased. 

However, picking the right flowers is essential. The best combinations are from blooms, lilies, daisies, and orchids. The most commonly used flowers are chrysanthemums.

Casket Spray Colours

You can visit your nearby funeral florist and choose the type and among the available colours. Another factor that comes into play is the gender you are getting the casket spray for. If it is a female, choose feminine colours for flowers like pink, purple and a combination of these with white. 

However, for a male, you can combine red and yellow or white and yellow, whatever you prefer. 

If you know the deceased person personally, the best way is to buy their favourite colour of flowers to honour them. 

When purchasing a casket spray, always contact the florist in advance so they can plan and offer you the best and fresh flowers in a timely fashion.


A casket spray is a symbol that shows care and sympathy to someone who has recently lost a close family member. The best thing you can do is be there for them during this difficult time. Thus, a casket spray helps so you do not go empty-handed when visiting them. 

A casket spray is not your typical bouquet. It is a floral tribute that is usually placed on top of the casket cover. It would be best to consider the flowers you choose for a casket spray. You can always purchase one if you have no idea how to arrange it yourself.

Moreover, you can also have it delivered to the person with a personalised card. Many florists and floral shops offer services related to this.